With gadgets, while being away from gadgets!

#FlipkartOutdoors IndiBlogger Meet

We are surrounded by gadgets. From mobile phones to smart TVs, from laptops to tablets, there are too many of them around us. They might at times be necessary for the work we do, but they also have this huge power of putting us under a lot of stress and tension. Finish your work and shut down the laptop, your mobile beeps with the next email. Haven't we all had this experience?

That is why, we look for opportunities to get away from our daily routine and stay outdoors - at least once in a while. We love to be away from the beeps of email and pings of messages. Some peaceful time with no Internet connection, no TV and preferably without mobile coverage too!

Even while on such an outdoor experience, we can actually think of using some gadgets. No, not those pesky types which keep bringing us messages and emails; these are the ones that make our experience better and memorable.

India’s favorite blogger network IndiBlogger joined hands with Flipkart to introduce us to some such gadgets. The event was called #FlipkartOutdoors IndiBlogger Meet and was held on Saturday the 20th of February at Mango Mist Resorts, Bengaluru. IndiBlogger – Flipkart collaboration, and the facilities at Mango Mist ensured that we were just not looking at the devices but also using them while enjoying the various activities at the resort.

Cameras are probably among the most likely gadgets to accompany us outdoors. Point and shoots, DSLRs or at least mobile cameras are used to capture our memories so that we can relive them and get some relief from the pains of everyday life after coming home. But such cameras are not good enough to capture memories under all circumstances: who will carry a DSLR to click a photo while climbing a rock, or diving into water?

Action cameras provide an answer to this question. Smaller and sturdier than the normal cameras, these small wonders can record our special memories with much efficiency, while not interfering much with the experience itself.

Sony action camera and Polaroid CUBE were the two products in this category that were introduced to us at the meet. While Sony cameras with their higher specifications and wide range of accessories present themselves as a good choice for serious users, Polaroid CUBE impresses the casual user with its cute design and a lower price tag.

Though not as wide spread as cameras yet, smart watches and activity trackers represent a unique category of gadgets that are quickly gaining popularity. From tracking the health of your heart to counting the number of calories that you burned, from displaying notifications from phone to remotely controlling your mobile camera, these devices have a lot to offer.

Garmin and Samsung were the brands representing this category at the meet. Garmin had a rich variety of activity trackers on display for fitness freaks and the health conscious. Samsung showcased the Gear S2, its latest offering in the smart watch segment. While looking at models such as the Gear S2, it is heartening to note how smart watches are increasingly getting similar in size and shape to normal watches.

What fun is it, if there’s no music while being outdoors? Except while you are inside a forest area, having some music will definitely be fun. And during this meet, we got to see and experience some cool stuff by Altec Lansing. In addition to the high-end earphones, their sturdy speakers impressed many of us. Not only the speaker was tough enough to survive in the outdoors, it also tolerated a lot of water and actually created a mini fountain in the process!

Among the other brands on display was Coleman, a prominent manufacturer of camping stuff. In addition to taking a look at the items on display, we also got a chance to try setting up a coleman tent (and win some cool goodies along the way!). Red Chief shoes also presented a large range of their products, of which the bio-degradable shoes seemed to have impressed many.

Overall, the #FlipkartOutdoors meet was very unlike many other IndiBlogger meets that I have attended so far, and probably was special for the very same reason.

Check out the complete story of this meet on Flipkart stories: http://stories.flipkart.com/flipkart-outdoors/

[Photos courtesy of IndiBlogger

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